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TSS2024 Focus Call 11 of 24

A PRIVATE RECORDING FOR MEMBERS OF TSS2024 (MONDAY 02/19/24 @ 7:00 PM CST) - Use the comment section of this post to add notes as you view or review this resource. #Contribute

The “Coach Me” Focus Calls are a vital source of restoration, information, inspiration, motivation, education & transformation.

You can use them to learn and practice information, strategies and ideas which are designed to transform you, your choices and your habits from the inside-out! You can use them to help keep you going.

They help you recommit, refocus, restart, reconcile, revive and even renew your mind intentionally.

They equip you with what you need to earn your desired results.

These calls make this program one-of-kind, unique and even special due to it’s data driven decision making model which uses real-time data of your realities to customize information to meet you and your teammates needs where you are so each of you can improve and address issues in real-time. They sometimes will make you feel like I’m talking directly to you and I am.


Sports Related Grief

Download PDF • 312KB

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Unknown member
Feb 20

Great call last night and great info. I'm taking it one day at a time Coach. I'm dealing with left hip issues. Doing PT, I got a cortisone shot yesterday so I'm taking it easy for 48 hours, will walk this morning.

Unknown member
Feb 20
Replying to

Hi Teammate. I totally understand hip and back pain. I'm getting one of two injections this week myself and the other in March. Take it easy even when you start up again.

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