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The 91-Day Burn Session Fitness Camp

A Great Life Enhancing Investment

Your Anywhere Bootcamp & Weight Management Solution

  • This camp is for ANYONE who is ready for REAL CHANGE.

  • This camp is for beginner, intermediate & even advanced exercisers.

  • This camp is all about improving your habits from the inside-out.

  • Start where you are and work to improve your Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Sleep, Stress Management & Reflection HABITS for 91-days!

  • Accommodations are made and alternate experiences are provided when and where they are needed or necessary.

A Lot for Less than $20 a Week for 13 Weeks (91-days)

  • In most gyms/health clubs you will pay $20, $30… $50 (or more) for each 1-hour workout session! However, with this BSFC (Your Anywhere Bootcamp & Weight Management Solutions), you get 24-hour access to workouts and a whole lot more.

  • Even at $20 per day multiplied by 91 days for each 1-hour session of training per day, you will pay a total of $1,820. Again, with the BSFC, you get $1,820 worth of service and more with 24-hour access to additional services which will all help to improve your health & fitness levels from the inside-out and outside-in — All for less than $20 per week!

Why This Camp Matters

If your desire is to…

  • Enhance Your Sexiness

  • Build, Tone & Sculpt Lean Muscle

  • Shred Fat

  • Lose Pounds & Inches

  • Get Stronger & In Better Shape

  • … then this 91-Day Virtual Burn Session Fitness Camp is for you!

Are you preparing for…

  • A Wedding

  • A Reunion

  • A Birthday Party

  • An Anniversary Celebration

  • An Outfit

  • A Bikini

  • A Healthier You

  • … then this 91-Day Virtual Burn Session Fitness Camp is for you!

A Lot Can Happen in 91 Days

Features & Benefits

“Shock & Awe” Exercise Challenges

  • Our STRENGTH & CARDIO CHALLENGES will help you build, tone & sculpt muscle while also helping you shrink fat, inches & weight.

A Customized Refueling Strategy

  • Our CUSTOMIZED REFUELING STRATEGY will give your body what it needs to perform its daily activities while also reaching the specific weight management goals you have for it.

Progressive/Future Nutrition Adjustments

  • Our PHASED NUTRITION ADJUSTMENTS will help you take small steps to improve your nutrition habits and to deepen your nutrition awareness and consumption practices.

Balancing Hormones & Burning Stored Fat as Fuel

  • The overall goal of the BURN SESSION FITNESS CAMP is to improve your health via hormone balance & strategic fueling to lower the concentration of glucose & insulin which are in your blood so the body itself can begin to burn more of its stored fat as fuel.

Private Interactive Discussion Area

  • For team related communication efforts; attendance, reflections, daily posting of your nutrition, exercise, rest & stress management habits; to post reflections, results, weight, assignments; to inspire, support & share resources with your teammates. This area is for team members and is used by the coach for data, driven decision making purposes. The coach may or may not interact via this resource.

Coaching Support

  • To make sure you have access to the camp resources.

  • To help you understand what to do and when to do it.

  • To hold you accountable to doing the work.

  • To help you get maximum results in minimum time.

Weekly Focus Calls

  • These weekly inspirational, motivational and educational calls are designed in to meet the specific needs of the team and the individuals who are part of it. The topics are based upon the needs of the team, its members and the program requirements.

  • The calls may be LIVE or PRE-RECORDED. During LIVE calls, recordings may or may not be provided so take real-time notes to get more from the moments. During PRE-RECORDED calls, you must add notes as proof of attendance.

About the Camp

What is a Burn Session Fitness Camp (BSFC)?

  • a BSFC is a 91 day virtual camp which is designed to help you achieve MAXIMUM results in MINIMUM time.

  • a BSFC is like a boot camp but the overall goal is to burn, Burn, BURN calories, fat, weight and inches while also working to build, Build, BUILD more lean muscle in the process.

  • a BSFC combines strength, flexibility and cardio training to give you a total body workout.

  • ALL of the work is done from your home, office, gym, wherever you are. This is a real VIRTUAL experience that helps you to dream, plan and achieve your goals – in minimum time.

What will the BSFCs help you to do?

  • burn, Burn, BURN calories, fat, weight & inches.

  • build, Build, BUILD more lean muscle tone, muscle strength & muscle endurance.

  • improve your cardio-vascular strength & endurance.

  • improve your overall health, fitness and body.

  • enhance your sexiness.

Where will we meet for the BSFC?

  • This is Your Anywhere Boot Camp & Weight Management Solution. There will NOT be any face-to-face meetings – all of this work is virtual.

What You Do!

Here’s what you do:

  • Subscribe to our 91-Day Virtual Burn Session Fitness Camp.

  • Submit Wednesday & Saturday Progress Reports and Plans via private blog posts and/or private surveys.

  • Privately post your measurements, front & side photos and complete the accountability survey on the assigned Benchmark Assessment Days (they occur at the start of the camp and the end of each phase).

  • Participate in all virtual team building activities.

  • Post/Journal daily to track your Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Stress Management & Sleep Habits for 91 Days – part of Neurological Reprogramming and forming newer lifestyle habits.

  • Attend each of our LIVE Weekly BSFC Focus Calls which are designed to inform, connect and motivate you to achieve your goals one moment at a time! No recording will be shared.

  • Follow the lead of the coach & work the program as it is designed specifically for you. NOTE: If your own ways and program work, you don’t need this camp.

What We Do!

Here is what we do!

  • Host the Burn Session Fitness Camp.

  • Take you at your Current Fitness Level and help you Make Progress.

  • Hold you accountable to doing the work.

  • Conduct LIVE Weekly Training Calls to keep you focused and on target to reach your goals. There will be real-time topics which are based upon the needs of the participants as well as the program requirements.

  • Provide a Private Interactive Discussion Area for communication efforts where you can post your results, ask questions, share resources and more.

  • Give you access the Video Workouts or Challenge Instructions.

  • We (the coaches and staff) are guides & observers of the camp. Our main objective is to make sure you know what to do, how to do it and when to get it done so that we can hold you accountable to doing the work on purpose.

Things You Should Know


  • This challenge provides information that is intended to assist users in their personal weight loss, nutrition, exercise and/or weight management efforts. Each user is urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight management program. This challenge is intended for use only by healthy adult individuals. The challenge is not intended for use by minors, pregnant women, or individuals with any type of health condition. Such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any weight management program.

Nutrition Q & A

  • QUESTION: Do this program include meal plans, like menus to follow, foods to eat, etc?

  • ANSWER: No. The program does not include a meal plan nor menus to follow but you will have the tools to personally learn more about nutrition so you can improve your nutrition habits, choices and meals on purpose. Instead of giving you the fish, we equip you with what you need to catch the fish. That way, you will develop the SKILLS which will last a lifetime and beyond. You will then have the ability to share those SKILLS with your loved ones. Since diets are temporary, we work to build a better relationship with the foods we love to eat. This is what we believe is a key to long-term success, health, wellness and even weight management.

  • The programs include (1) nutrition strategies which help you practice fueling your body in a time-based manner, (2) nutrition numbers which give you the proper energy balance to fuel your current physical body while also helping you to move closer to your weight management goals, and (3) nutrition challenges which help you to explore other meal ideas via restrictions, exploration and what your teammates build and share in our private team area. Generally, our programs help you to improve the foods you love to eat while training you to apply strategies that will help you to improve the relationship you have with them.

  • Weight management (lose, gain or maintain) is mostly about learning to find energy balance for your current body so you can then offset the balance with nutrition, exercise, rest, sleep and stress management actions.

  • Health and wellness management is mostly about giving your body the nutrients it needs to work properly, efficiently and timely.

  • Through our programs, you work to improve your weight, health and wellness via working to improve the foods you love to eat and adding them to your own personal meal library of food combinations which works specifically for you and your current physical reality.

  • In summary, you are giving tools to (1) improve your relationship with the foods you love to eat, (2) exploring & experimenting with other food ideas, combinations and types, and (3) give your body the right amount of fuel & nutrients on a timely basis to meet your current goals and physical needs.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be provided in full or in part for any reason, including injury, after the program begins. No prorated fees are provided for late enrollments.

Subscriber Responsibility

  • Subscribers are responsible and assume liability for any and all medical expenses incurred as a result of training for and/or participating in any physical or nutrition related challenge/activities which are hosted face-to-face or virtually, including but not limited to ambulance transport, hospital stays, physician and pharmaceutical goods and services.

BSFC Strikes & Expectations

  • Review the Strikes & Expectations before you register. It’s up to you to find ways and make ways to do ALL of the required & necessary work which includes (1) doing up to 30-90 minutes of exercise activities every day, (2) getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day, (3) managing your stress, (4) following specific nutrition…

Photo (Before & After Photo Project) Policy:

  • Review the Biggest Loser Styled Photo Rules & Instructions before you register for the camp.

  • Following our lead even with before & after photos projects.

  • We are asking you to trust us and to give us the freedom to share your before and after photo progress when we feel there is enough evidence to prove you guilty of the results you achieved.

  • We will be very protective of you and your personal image while also being very protective of our company and BSFC brand.

  • You can feel safe while knowing we only share a project if or when we feel the time is right!

  • Even if we never share your before & after photo project publicly, we want the ability to freely choose to share without seeking your permission.

  • DO NOT register for this service unless you agree to give us permission to share before and after photo projects with the public via our website, Facebook or other media.

  • If you DO NOT want us to share the photos, please DO NOT register for this camp.

  • This camp is the only service we offer that requires a high level of accountability like this which makes it unique and which helps our clients to get more from their investment by working hard and smart to get the most from time. If you are not comfortable with me posting before and after progress when I feel it’s time, do not sign-up for this camp. This too is part of the transformation process and believe me when I say, if I don’t see the progress, you will not be featured. I’m very protective of you and my brand.

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