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Dec 10, 2023 - Dec 30, 2023

TSS2024 PLAN 1 OF 8

  • 21Days
  • 78Steps
TSS2023 Plan 1 of 8 Image


TSS2024 PLAN 1 OF 8 [21-Days: 12/10/23 to 12/30/23] - This is an Off-Season Function Strength Training Program for Runners with a Focus on Strength, Run Technique, Endurance, Injury Prevention & Recovery from Injury. We are training you to have a “Stiffer Stride” which helps to make Running Faster, Longer & Safer while using Less Energy easier to do. We take you where you are and help you improve your ability to complete any desired distance. THIS OFF-SEASON FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM IS FOR… (1) beginner, intermediate & advanced runners – even if you are starting as a walker. (2) runners who desires to overcome past/present frustrating, disappointing & painful problems, issues or injuries. (3) anyone who desires to take his/her running technique, mechanics & ability to the next levels. PLAN 1 [21-Days: 12/10/23 to 12/30/23] o Week 01 – 12/10/23 to 12/16/23 o Week 02 – 12/17/23 to 12/23/23 o Week 03 – 12/24/23 to 12/30/23 #TrainingTheNextGenerationOfRunners #TSS2024 Purchase the subscription and save or purchase one plan at a time. If you already paid, login to gain access to this resource.

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TSS2024 [12/10/23 - 05/24/24]


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